Magento 1

To avoid problems after installing or updating an extension please follow these steps in the correct order:

  1. Flush all Magento-caches
    In "System -> Cache Management"
  2. Reindex all tables
    In "System -> Index Management"
  3. Disable the Magento Compiler
    In "System -> Tools -> Compilation", see also
  4. Log out from admin panel, then log in again
    This prevents or resolves 404 errors in the Magento backend.


If the extension has been uninstalled and is now being re-installed, please check if the database has been cleaned up. In the table core_resource the entry [extensionname]_setup must be removed. Otherwise the install-scripts won't be executed again.

Magento 2

Modules for Magento 2 will usually have a README file in the module package. Follow the instructions from that README file to install the module.


  • Make sure to follow all steps in the correct order.
  • Do not skip any step or CLI command!
  • For a Composer installation, all path names must be 100% correct in the file composer.json
  • When installing from a ZIP / TGZ package, the path to the directory which contains the package must usually be given, not the path to the package itself.